A sampling of actual cases successfully concluded.

No insurance

The Insurance Act prohibits any action for damages if a vehicle is operated by a driver without insurance. Our client E.B. was uninsured when he was badly injured in a head-on collision with two racing drivers. With an in-depth investigation, legal research and some creativity, we were able to convince the insurance companies representing the other drivers as well as our client's insurance broker that his claim was not barred. We successfully negotiated a settlement to our client's satisfaction.

Case was stalemated until we were retained

J.D. had a very bad leg injury when he fell off the rear of a pick up truck and was run over by the trailer it was pulling. He lost his job. His long-term disability insurer cut him off. His previous lawyer had issued a claim but had taken no steps for five years. When J.D. came to us he was in serious financial trouble and addicted to pain pills. We managed to sort everything out and achieved a settlement which would support him for the rest of his life with the maximum payout from his disability insurer. Most importantly we helped J.D. get treatment for his addiction which set him on the road to recovery.

Insurer would not pay because she was working

M.C. was injured when a car turned left in front of hers. Although she continued to work, she suffered bad headaches and chronic pain. At the end of each day she went home to bed and did little around the house or for her family. The defendant's insurer said her injury was not serious so she couldn't sue. After our team took this matter to a seven-day trial, the court disagreed and gave judgment for more than MC had asked for.

From homeless to back at work and on track

RN was only twenty years old, from a broken home and had limited resources. He had a decent job and seemed to have an independent future. Then he was involved in a serious car accident. Without proper support from his insurance company or legal representative, he spiralled into severe pain and depression and wound up living in a hostel before we took over. After a drawn-out legal battle and a lot of determined work finding help for RN, we got him a large award and, better still, proper psychiatric help which allowed him to return to function and achieve a solid, long-term job. His future was restored.

Her own insurer thought she was the bad one

JG was on her way to a cultural festival with friends when she was rear-ended by a drunk driver who then fled the scene. By the time police arrived, JG was alone as the other passengers had left with friends who had stopped at the scene. JG reported to her insurer that she was injured and that there were 4 passengers. The insurer denied her claim, thinking there was fraud, due partly to the police report that stated there were no passengers. The insurer fought JG each step of the way. At mediation we demanded a settlement of $200,000. The insurer eventually settled at the courtroom door for exactly that amount.

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