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Many people in the Toronto area use public transit as their primary mode of transport if you are injured while travelling on a public bus or streetcar, your options for recovering compensation for your injuries can be difficult to understand, much less pursue. There are several new and tricky provisions in the Insurance Act for public transit.

At the Farrell Law Group, we advocate on behalf of those who have suffered personal injury due to the negligence of others. We will take time to listen to your concerns, thoroughly investigate your claim and provide an honest assessment of the possible claims you may have. Our firm represents injured individuals and their families in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and throughout southern Ontario.

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Ontario motor vehicle accident laws governing the recovery of benefits or compensation for injuries sustained on public transit systems are highly complex. They depend on several factors such as whether there was a collision, who was at fault for the accident, the severity of damage and many other considerations. This includes accidents involving:

  • Buses
  • Streetcars
  • Subways

We will review your case and provide honest legal advice about your options for obtaining compensation. If your bus or streetcar accident was caused by negligence or due to the carelessness of another driver on the road, we will act on your behalf to recover all compensation to which you may be entitled for your injuries from those responsible.

Even if the at-fault driver cannot be identified and you have no insurance of your own, we can get you compensation.

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Regardless of the circumstances of your accident, it is worth it to discuss your claim with an experienced personal injury lawyer. We at the Farrell Law Group care about you. Whether we can represent you or not, we will help you understand your rights and available options so you can make informed decisions about your situation.
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